• 1) Go to your domain name registrar company on the Web. Log in to your account by typing your username and password in the appropriate fields. Wait for the page to download completely to see the list of your domain names.

  • 2) ┬áSelect your new domain name. If you have multiple domain names you will want to make sure you choose the correct name. Choose only the name of the domain that you wish to edit.

  • 3) Go to the domain names control panel or configuration page by clicking on the provided link. Choose the link that will allow you to change the domain names name servers from the different configuration options.

  • 4) Delete the old name servers from the field and enter the new name servers. Enter the correct name server codes for the primary and secondary fields. Check your new name server for the corresponding codes.

  • 5) Save the changes you made. Depending on your registrar company, the modifications you made may take from 24 to 48 hours before they can take effect. It does not usually take this long, but don’t be alarmed if it does.

  • 6) Log into your registrant account after a couple of days and click on the modified domain name from your list. Check the domain name info to ensure that all changes have been implemented. If the changes did not take place you can re-enter the information or contact the registrar.

Primary Nameserver ns3.yuvahost.com
Secondary Nameserver ns4.yuvahost.com